Full picture required in examination of online-shopping competition

27/06/2017 - Responding to the latest developments regarding online-shopping competition in Europe, Paul Sweetman, Director of Technology Ireland said: “Consumer choice, fostering innovation and nurturing competition are cornerstones of a successful economy. It is right to ensure that these principles are upheld.

“In developing frameworks and policy positions at the European level to protect these principles, it is crucial that the full consumer and business landscape is analysed. As we have argued in the past, it appears that the European Commission has only reviewed a relatively small segment of the online shopping landscape. This approach has the potential to skew technological innovation and hamper consumer choice. In the end, the Commission’s views may stifle a decade of search engine evolution.

“The growth of the internet will be dictated by the laws we create. It is essential that the full picture is examined by the European Commission when analysing internet based services.”

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