Awards 2017

Finalists 2017

36 entries from companies and organisations have been short-listed for the Technology Ireland Software Industry Awards 2017. Technology Ireland, alongside award gold sponsors Bank of Ireland, ByrneWallace, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland have extended their congratulations to the companies on this significant achievement.

Following publication of short-listed entries, all companies will present to eight independent panels of judges, composed of CEOs and founders of successful Irish software and digital technology companies.

Technology Ireland Software Industry Awards Short-list 2017

Technology Ireland Company of the Year

  • Axonista
  • Blueface
  • eShopWorld
  • LearnUpon

Emerging Company of the Year (sponsored by ByrneWallace)
  • CheckVentory
  • Corrata
  • SOAR by Luminosity Ltd
  • Nutritics
  • VideoDoc

Technology Innovation of the Year (sponsored by Bank of Ireland)
  • Ediflo Pro Axonista
  • OpenBack
  • Red Sqirl by Idiro Analytics
  • Rockall SBL in the Cloud
  • Spearline

Outstanding Achievement in International Growth (sponsored by Enterprise Ireland)
  • Aspire Technology
  • eShopWorld
  • Financial Risk Solutions
  • LearnUpon
  • Openmind Networks

Digital Technology Services Project of the Year (sponsored by FIT ICT Associate Professional)
  • Idiro Analytics Analytics in the South Pacific
  • Aspire Technology Digicel Services Project
  • Cora Systems Honeywell
  • Sonalake Fibre Broadband Service Automation
  • Etain Software RÁS Revolutionising Horse Racing in Ireland

Excellence in Talent Development (sponsored by Technology Ireland Software Skillnet)
  • Aspire Technology
  • Storm Technology Ltd

Multinational Corporation Initiative of the Year (sponsored by IDA Ireland)
  • BOC – The Digital Future
  • Ericsson Ireland: Investing In Future Software Engineers
  • First Friday for Startups
  • IBM Ireland & Leanbh
  • The Fashion Genome @ HBC

Outstanding Academic Achievement of the Year (brought to you by Technology Ireland Innovation Forum)
  • Effective Reading Strategies
  • Pervasive Nation Ireland's Internet of Things Testbed (Trinity College / CONNECT Centre)
  • Smart Glove – Haptic Human Computer Interface System for VR/AR and robotics (Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) andTyndall National Institute)
  • Street View Object Detection and Mapping (Trinity College/ADAPT Centre)
  • High Performing Seismic Data by The Irish Centre for HighEnd Computing (ICHEC)

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