Data Working Group

We are in a digital age, constantly using data driven services to make decisions, enhance social engagements, monitor our health, or simply grab a taxi. The list is endless. Digital services have moved unquestionably from the nice-to-haves to a necessity of everyday life. As such, data protection and security is paramount. The pace of change in the digital sector has been rapid. It is understandable that we are playing legislative catch up. The challenge we now face is ensuring that the rights of the consumer are fully respected while fostering innovation.

Economies and societies that understand the complexity of this balance will reap the rewards. Ireland is well placed to be a global leader in this space and strike that balance. All of the top ten ‘born on the internet’ companies have a substantial presence here and the indigenous digital sector is scaling quickly. We also have an established data protection system. By showing a mature understating of data protection issues, both locally and globally, Ireland can create a new competitive advantage.

The opportunities in data are vast, as are the challenges. We must ensure Ireland is seen as the primary location where the data rights of consumers will be respected while at the same time supporting innovation. Those that understand this balance will gain most. In ICT Ireland, we have established a Data Working Group charged with developing data policy as a new competitive advantage. Time is of the essence and Ireland must take the lead. Other jurisdictions seek this advantage too.

The Data Working Group is chaired by Anne Rooney, Google.
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