Emerging Company of the Year

This category is open to Irish-owned / indigenous companies only.

This award will be made to the most promising emerging new digital technology company.

The winning company, although relatively young, will have shown that it has a product that fits a growing digital market and a business model that supports. The company will demonstrate long term vision with regard to building and financing sustainable business growth. The company should be able to detail their strategy in relation to their management team, technology and business model in the future.


***To qualify for this award a company must have started trading no earlier than 1st January 2014 and come from zero revenue base***

The company should show evidence of the following points:
  • Strategic vision and demonstrated execution
  • A clear funding or financing strategy to support its growth plans
  • Pursuing a business model which should be highly scalable, i.e. to grow fast
  • Sustainable competitive advantage through unique technology or processes and the underpinning IP
  • A clear path towards market leadership in their defined market
  • Strong sales and business development plan
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